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Governance Louis Vuitton Women project After registering a 200 per cent yearonyear growth in the last two years, coimbatorebased payoda technologies is confident of doubling its growth this fiscal. The founderdirector of payoda, mr anand http://www.furrst.com/louis-vuitton-mens/bags.html purusothaman, said the startup venture services the north american market by developing products for the finance and telecom verticals. The fouryearyoung company is into building products for the energy and infrastructure Louis Vuitton Bagshttp://www.furrst.com/ segments, solid framework for mobiles and webdevelopment service, among others. Mr anand purushothaman said, products and services are marketdriven.Payoda's first assignment was around data centre network traffic management.We developed Appviewx, a web application for a company that had invested heavily in data centres.There are hundreds of vendors and servers in a data centre but there is no unified solution to make them talk to each other.This(Appviewx)Application played the role of a central manager for application delivery controllers by proactively managing traffic with access controls. Have created a niche by designing backward compatible applications on the iphone os platform with touch features and the ability to run on less memory, he http://www.furrst.com/ added.